Those living in Metro Vancouver are quickly becoming priced out of the market with the massive influx of Foreign investors. Contrary to public outcry on the issue, Christy Clark is not about to Tax foreign real estate investors. By:  Chris Slattery METRO VANCOUVER – Many local Canadians living in the province are fed up with […]

Figuring out how to generate business from social networks is not easy. Not only do you need to build an audience, but you have to figure out how to convert this traffic into leads. Not to mention, you need to decide which social network(s) to focus your energy on in the first place. In part…
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While Hollywood often portrays psychopaths as serial killers, not all psychopaths are that evil. Many of them exhibit psychopathic traits to a much lesser degree. In fact, you’ve likely encountered a few psychopaths in real life. Psychopaths are actually quite common in the corporate world. VANCOUVER – While about 1 percent of the general population […]

It’s that time of the year when you sum up the good and the bad – your business achievements and difficulties. In the real estate business, there is an area…

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming a reality, and there’s no place where this is more obvious than in our homes. According to predictions from market researcher MarketsandMarkets, the…

The Real Estate Council of B.C. reported a record 22,005 licensees this year. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says licensed members are at an all-time high of 12,200 compared with,

Increasing your home’s value shouldn’t make you file for bankruptcy since there are cheaper ways to liven up your space. Regardless of whether you are planning on putting up your house for sale or you just want to make it look good, making several changes will certainly help in increasing your property’s overall value.

Source: Hufftingtonpost Craigslist user has listed a gingerbread home on the city’s west side for $4.5 million on the classifieds site. It’s a one-bedroom home that’s a single sq. ft. in size.

Source: HufftingtonPostHow do you go about building your network? It takes passion, energy and endless communication. It starts slow, backed by a group of passionate, engaged, action oriented, entrepreneurial individuals who have an open mind to create space that allows for new ideas to emerge.