The City of Vancouver Has Approved The Vacant Home Status Tax Empty Homes Tax aimed at boosting rental rates in our city’s incredibly hot market. All non-principal residences left unoccupied for at least six months of the year will be subject to a 1% tax on the assessed value of the property, as of 2017. The new tax is aimed at […]

Not For Rent (or sale) – City Population Starts To Vanish Into Ghost Town With Nearly 11,000 Vacant Homes – Vancouver City Report Who Cares?  The City of Vancouver released a report on the number of empty homes in the city, and they found nearly 11,000 units remain unoccupied, 90% of which are apartments. That […]

You might be torn between buying a house and renting one. Although there are merits to renting, you might be surprised on how beneficial it is to invest your money on a house that you can call your own instead. What are the advantages to buying a home? Here are some examples. Investment – Instead […]

Have you caulked windows and replaced weatherstripping on your doors? Good for you. But if you think you’ve sealed up air leaks, you’re in for a shock.