BC Housing News |  BCHN.com By:  Alisha Ilaender Bylaws To Watch For When Purchasing a Condo in BC The doctrine of “let the buyer beware” is still the norm in Real Estate transactions in BC today. The duty is on the buyer to determine the state of each property being sold before purchasing. Although this […]

Buyers from China comprised about one-third of purchases of Vancouver’s hot housing market in 2015, according to “back of the envelope calculations” by National Bank of Canada. Chinese investors spent about $12.7 billion on real estate in Vancouver in 2015, or 33 percent of its $38.5 billion in total sales, according to a note […]

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If you are buying a new home, it is very important that the listing Realtor produce the approved municipal building plans – And confirm the plan reflects what has actually been done. Upon a closer look, if the two don’t in fact correspond, then alarm bells should start ringing. SURREY B.C. – Home for sale […]

A little-known provision of the British Columbia Assessment Act could become a bigger factor in protecting single-family homeowners from the effect of rising property assessments in Vancouver’s high-priced market, a prominent appraiser and tax agent argues. Section 19.8 is designed to protect long-term homeowners in a neighbourhood from land-use changes, such as rezoning or subdividing. These changes can drive up property values by assessing a property based on potential for redevelopment rather than its actual use.

You might be torn between buying a house and renting one. Although there are merits to renting, you might be surprised on how beneficial it is to invest your money on a house that you can call your own instead. What are the advantages to buying a home? Here are some examples. Investment – Instead […]

The dream of an affordable home in Vancouver is finally coming true.A Craigslist post lists a teeny, tiny 250 sq.-ft. studio for $20,000 in East Vancouver.

Increasing your home’s value shouldn’t make you file for bankruptcy since there are cheaper ways to liven up your space. Regardless of whether you are planning on putting up your house for sale or you just want to make it look good, making several changes will certainly help in increasing your property’s overall value.

Within the province of BC, an immigration program has been established – geared towards international permanent residency applications. The PNP also establishes a guideline for obtaining a mortgage from an approved commercial lender, to buy real estate.