Foreign Media Group, Places Bid To Acquire Popular Real Estate Blogger Site And Vancouver Media

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Foreign Media powerhouse and best known as China’s e-commerce giant, has placed a bid to buy BC Housing Network News and all other media assets from the company ‘BCHN Housing News Limited’, co-founded by Shane Douglas.

The 31-year-old CEO (co-founded BCHN in March of 2002), is asking for the Canadians to voice their opinion by a $1 vote for yes and $0 for noHelp us stay locally owned and operated – has slowly grown to approximately 150,000 weekly readers.

By:  Shane Douglas


VANCOUVER – The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, would combine the buyers’s existing digital strength with BCHN’s social media excellence in the local community Vancouver and surrounding cities within the Province of British Columbia, paving the way for the real estate publishing to transform into a global media entity for real estate investors immigrating from China, Hong Kong and readers around the world.  The buyout of BCHN, reads to uphold editorial independence and be non-bias and further invest into strengthen and quality of the real estate news content.

“we are asking the community and local public, what they think we should do, before we made any final decisions.”
– Said, Shane Douglas  /  What’s Your Vote?


Shane Douglas (right), speaking with Mike McMahon (left) – On the freedom of speech, internet marketing, technology and Vancouver’s booming Real Estate market.

China is a rising economy and it is the second-largest economy in the world. People should learn more about China.  Many of the wealthy immigrants to Canada view the mainstream western news organisations as covering being bias, to cover China from a western perspective.

However, the language outlined clearly defines:

“China and other real estate related news stories would be presented in a factual manner, as they are. Present facts, tell the truth, and those are the principle that we are going to operate on.”


Aiming to Influence Media

A number of Chinese companies have been making investments in overseas media, film studios and sports broadcasting rights. For instance, the Wanda Group, a company led by the billionaire Wang Jianlin, now controls AMC Entertainment, one of the biggest cinema chains in the United States.


Wang Jianlin, chief executive of Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties, arrives before the company’s IPO at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Dec. 23, 2014. Wanda is the owner of China’s largest theater chain. (Isaac Lawrence / AFP/Getty Images). – China’s Wanda in talks to buy Legendary Entertainment

“China’s re-emergence is perhaps the most consequential development for the world in the 21st century,” Mr. Li said in an interview. “Media coverage of China in the West has been too ideological and biased.”

Some free press advocates worry that a mainland entrepreneur could face intense pressure from the Chinese government to restrict news coverage or to follow directives of the propaganda arm of the Communist Party. In recent years, there have been growing concerns in Hong Kong that the Chinese government influenced media to withdraw publications deemed to be hostile against China.

One should also take note of the recent acquisitions made by Foreign companies:


Vote $1 Yes – To Keep Media Locally Owned & Operated

The Value In Real Estate News | BCHN |

BCHN is a unique domain name, in that it is one of the few remaining 4 letter .COM domain names, similar to SCMP (South China Morning Star)  Which was recently acquired by Alibaba’s media group.  Providing the only English-written newspaper in Hong Kong.


BC Housing News has over 10,000 fans, 150,000 average weekly reach with 7,000 actively engaged users talking about the issues. Join the discussion at:

Interest has been building in the decade-old media company, for all BCHN news sites will come down shortly after the acquisition so that the newspaper can reach out to more readers in British Columbia and around the world.  The acquisition is seen as an opportunity to use BCHN’s media and technological expertise to distribute news in a way that has never been done before, with foreign ownership.

One could also speculate that with the recent real estate and property boom, some in the Chinese community see an opportunity to shine a much needed light on situation with a Chinese perspective.


Co Founder Calls For Public Opinion With VOTE!

We have to have the readers’ trust. That will depend on reporting that is objective, balanced and fair. If we don’t have that trust, we cannot build up our readership. Even though we are the corporate owner, we will let the editors decide the editorial policy and direction of coverage for any story. That’s our basic principle,” Said Company Founder, Shane Douglas

“We support local jobs in the community with our community.  If every 1 of our 10,000 dedicated fans on facebook were to vote $1 each – BCHN would remain locally owned, despite $10,000 being a small fraction of what’s currently on the table”  –  CEO, Shane Douglas


If you’re local and you can aford $1, VOTE! If you can’t afford to vote with $1, please help spread the word – voice your opinion.

When it comes to covering China, a country of such size and importance, the world needs more than a single narrative. He said BCHN’s reputation for its objective and balanced reports on greater China will help people around the world to better understand the country, and in turn the business of Alibaba.

Shane believes censorship might be possible and the local community would likely NOT benefit from giving free rein to foreign ownership.  It goes against our core objective and founding principles, to sell out.

Vote Now!

Doing Business With BCHN  |  WEB HOSTING

BCHN Housing News Limited is a news and technology company, offering.  If you’re a business owner, move your new or existing website to Vancouver’s Web Hosting provider (for the real estate sector).  BCHN is a white listed news provider with high speed hosting, located in the Bentall 1 Data Centre.  To do business with BCHN, Go Here.



What Does The Future Look Like For BCHN?


We want to hear your opinion.  As a result, BCHN Housing News Limited and affiliated media is:  Committed to stand by the opinions of our local Vancouverites.  In a recent statement made by CEO of BCHN Housing News:

“We feel that what underpins success is editorial excellence. We are willing to make an investment to hire more journalists, more editors to maintain the quality of the paper and to strive for broader and more in-depth coverage. That is our commitment,”  

said, Shane Douglas.

What Will We Do With The Crowd-Funds Raised?

Shane Douglas said a focus on distribution via mobile devices will be a big part of BCHN’s future plans and believes this is the best way to drastically increase its digital circulation.

Our goal for funds raised is to build additional technology for mobile users, accessible to anybody who wants to come on a global basis, on a mobile app, on a mobile phone?

“That is our philosophy. It’s a very internet company philosophy because we believe users should not pay for service or content – the people who end up paying are advertisers who want to reach out to these users,” 

said, Shane Douglas

Vote Now!

Here Are Some Questions & Answers

BCHN Housing News has identified some common questions, and included them here for your review.  If your question is not listed here, please feel free to ask in a polite and responsible manner.


BC Housing News |

  • Question:  How can I get more information to verify this campaign is legit of this Crowd Funding Campaign?
  • Answer: is an incorporated company registered in British Columbia as BCHN Housing News Limited, Address:  300 – 34334 Forrest Terrace, Abbotsford, British Columbia, V2S1G7, Email:  The company has built a solid reputation over the years, and takes full ownership responsibility over the recent crowd funding campaign.  **Official Go-Fund-Me Featured On This Page – Beware Of Imitators **
  • Question:  What are all the ways you can VOTE and help keep media locally owned?
  • Answer:  Show your support with a minimum of $1,  Share the campaign with your friends, Make a web cam video to tell us where you stand, post our campaign to other blogs, news, social media, and forums.
  • Question:  If you have such a great offer, why don’t you take it?
  • Answer:  BCHN is a small business, yet to turn a fiscal profit.  Which means the CEO, Shane Douglas subsidises / personally funds the business operating expenses to maintain.  These funds will help to promote services such has local Web Hosting & Technology for Vancouver’s entrepreneurs.  While the offer to be bought is tempting, we cannot morally subject our brand to the possibility of inaccurate and subjective content.  In other words – we don’t feel its right.
  •  Question:  You haven’t answered my question.  Where can I ask my question?
  • Answer:  Please go here:  ____  to post your question for BCHN.
  • Question:  Where do I go, To Show My Support?
  • Answer:  Vote Now!


Web Cam Votes








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